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Hazy Tales ‘Clay Club’ offers both term time and holiday classes.

Come be creative at Hazy Tales Studio for weekly ‘Play with Clay’ sessions. Enjoy the magic rewarding nature of clay on a weekly basis. You will be given lots of different ideas or come up with your own unique vision.  Not only will the kids have fun and enjoy getting their hands messy in the clay, they will also get something to keep from the experience.   They can make their creations totally unique with any design and even add their own name or a friends or family name to give as a gift.    A fab mixture of fun and creativeness to keep the little ones entertained and learn a new skill.  And not just for the kids – buy an extra ticket and make something yourself!  You may stay and watch or drop off.  All ages welcome.

The Clay Club has exclusive access of the studio during their time period.  It is a stylish light filled venue, with floor to ceiling windows & polished concrete floors.  We are tucked away in Drysdale on the Bellarine Peninsula, a short 20 minute drive from Geelong.

For further information and to book the term time ‘Clay Club’ please text Sally 0439709492.

Class times are 4pm to 5.30pm and are currently on Mondays.

Term time prices for children is $40 per session.  You may pay upfront or on a weekly basis and there is the option to come every 2 weeks.  If you can’t attend for any reason you will not be charged.   

This includes clay, underglazes, glazes and two kiln firings for upto 750g (after kiln firing weight) per week maximum.  Anything over this is charged at firing rates of $9 per kg.  So per 8 week term 6kg worth of firing.

Each weekly session is 1 hour 30 minutes.  Each week/few weeks I will teach a different project.  If children prefer to free reign with their work that is fine.  Children can choose to do their own projects one week & join in the next.  Support and help is provided with all work.  During class if anyone has any suggestions for future projects these can be discussed. Some projects will continue over a few weeks & in between stages of building new projects can be started.  See further down for the stages involved in creating a piece of pottery.


One off pottery sessions are available on some Fridays after school and Saturday mornings depending on availability. These are 2 hours long.  To have this as a private session it is a minimum of 4 people, this can be an adult or child. The price for the 2 hour session is $45 per child and $85 per adult.


There are many stages to pottery including:

  • Sculpting & modelling your piece out of clay.
  • Allowing the clay to dry a little before applying underglazes (if there being used).
  • The pottery is then stored & dried out slowly & fully for approximately 1-5 weeks dependent on the size.
  • All work is bisque fired.
  • Bisque fired work then has a glaze applied.  This would be a clear glaze if underglazes have been used.  If not colour and white glazes can be applied.
  • Each piece is then high temperature kiln fired.

These are a few examples of the unique things you can make:

  • Ceramic flowers – for decoration or these also look great in the garden – see if you can spot them at the studio!
  • Clay spheres – learn how to make a hollow ball and paint them to create contemporary art.
  • Ceramic wind chimes – make the ceramic shapes to create a stunning wind chime.  Lots of inspiration at the studio or come up with your own design.
  • Learn how to make a pinch pot.
  • Learn the techniques to make a coiled pot.
  • Learn slab building techniques.
  • Make a cute birdhouse for your garden.
  • Make a face
  • Create a cute animal or creature.  Get shown the pinch pot or coiled pot technique to make them.
  • Tile painting – this is great for younger kids that might only want to paint.
  • Porcelain jewellery – every girl will love to do this.  For the boys they can make badges, ‘boycessories’ and even cufflinks for their Dads.  Jewellery hardware will be included once fired.
  • General clay play – let the kids imaginations run wild.
  • Imprinting and textures – get shown lots of different mark making techniques; make a wall plaque or other sculpture.
  • Animal planters or plates –  Make bowls that are also cute little animals.  Great for putting a little succulent plant in or use as a bowl.
  • Make a cheeseboard or serving platter for your Mum!

Included in all classes:

  • All clay
  • underglazes
  • Bisque firing
  • Glazes & further kiln firing
  • The use of all tools and facilities.
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