Hazy Tales Studio
10-16 Mayall Way (formerly 110-116 Collins Street – need to use on some sat nav’s)
Drysdale 3222


Please park somewhere on the property and use the glass doors at the front of the studio. Please also be aware we are on septic.

As I am often running classes, loading the kiln or have my hands in clay/glaze, to contact me please text the number below. I will then text back with any info etc; if you would like me to give you a call please put this on your text. Thanks, Sally. For ‘Questions and answers’ also see this link.

Tel Mob: 0439 709 492

Closed Sunday & Monday

If you are contacting Hazy Tales about gift vouchers or cancellations, please scroll below under directions for information regarding this and you can also see the Terms and conditions.

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Every product that we make tells a ‘Tale’; the journey it has made in it’s handmade process. The ‘Hazy’ means we can can, and do, go off on every tangent!

Gift Vouchers. These are strictly valid for 12 months.  As a small business it is very hard to be able to offer any longer than this.  I often have people contact the business at the 12.5 month mark to ask to be still valid.  Please ensure you book before this.  This has now gone into a different tax year so very hard to allow them to be valid after this time. This is really appreciated.  

Cancellations. Due to numbers required to run a class no refund can be offered. Before purchasing tickets online, carefully review your event and ticket selection. We cannot offer you a refund if you can no longer attend an event for any personal circumstances, however you may give your tickets to another person to use.  (At Hazy Tales if we have a waiting list and can fill your place we will try. You can also transfer to a future session if enough notice has been given to fill your spot).

For larger private groups if enough notice is given we can definitely change the date.

If a ticketholder is unable to attend an event because they are unwell or other personal circumstance, they are not entitled to an automatic refund under Australian consumer law. However, event organisers always have discretion to provide an exchange or other remedy, if they wish, even though there may not be a legal requirement to do so. So please see below for COVID terms.

Please be considerate of these terms. As a comparison if you book a ticket for a music concert and cannot attend, you are not entitled to a refund, you would have to sell on your ticket. And that is a big company making lots of money, I am a small business dependent on small numbers to proceed.


If you are unwell however, please prove it with a medical certificate or proof from a state health authority and we can offer a new date.