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The cost of oxidised firing is as follows:

  • Bisque fire 1000°C $10 per kg
  • Earthenware 1080°C $10 per kg
  • Midfire Stoneware 1200°C $10 per kg
  • Lustre 800°C $10 per kg
  • Jewellery small pieces $18 per kg
  • Full kiln load $170

I can also glaze your work in a clear or white glaze for $10 a kilo or help show you where to order glaze from.

Minimum charge of 1kg. Pricing based on dry fired weight.

Text 0439709492 before dropping any work off.

Terms and conditions:

  • Firings are completed when the kiln is full, if you need work urgently the whole kiln can be hired.
  • Hazy Tales takes no responsibility for loss or damage of any work. We take great care but ceramics is a very volatile medium and some things are out of our control.
  • The base of your work must be free from glaze. And if glazes have been made that may run you must use a small base underneath.
  • If your glaze runs onto the shelves and causes any damage, a replacement cost must be paid for.
  • If your work causes any damage to the kiln or shelves you are liable for the replacement costs.
  • All work that is dropped off for bisque fire must be fully dried. It will explode if any small amount of moisture is left and can also damage the kiln and others peoples work.
  • Any beads and small work must be placed onto a bead rack or small shelf.
  • All items must be picked up within 7 days.
  • To use the kiln service you must agree to these terms and conditions and Sign an agreement firing form.

Please follow these conditions to safeguard your work, other peoples work and the kiln.