Hazy Tales Studio produces authentic artisan products.  Each piece is produced by hand with lots of care & attention.  The list below will give you an idea of the journey that each finished piece goes through to reach you:

  • We spend time creating our designs & then test pieces are produced.  Once we are happy with a piece this will then start its production journey.
  • We sculpt, model and create your piece out of clay.
  • The pottery is then stored & dried out slowly & fully for approximately 1 – 2 weeks dependent on weather.  Any underglaze paints can be added at this point.
  • All work is bisque fired.
  • Bisque fired work then has a glaze applied.  This would be a clear glaze if underglazes have been used.  If not colour and white glazes are applied.
  • Each piece is then high temperature kiln fired.
  • For our extra special pieces 24k gold lustre or other lustres are added and then this is fired for a third time.
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We offer a collection of homewares, garden sculptures, jewellery & ceramics.  The studio produces handmade contemporary earthenware, stoneware & fine ceramic porcelain.  To help you differentiate between these, this is a brief explanation:

  • Earthenware is fired at 1080ºC  & if left unglazed is porous; it needs to be glazed to become waterproof.  It can be damaged easier than mid-fire & stoneware so is most suited to decorative ware.
  • Mid-fire vitrifies like stoneware, it just matures at a slightly lower temperature of 1200ºC
  • Stoneware is fired at a higher temperature of 1280 ºC
  • Midfire and Stoneware is more durable than earthenware.  The finished product is non porous and unlike earthenware does not need to be glazed; though it often is for aesthetic reasons.  It is ideal for tableware.
  • Porcelain is made from a fine clay that is fired at very high temperatures of 1300 ºC which produces an extremely hard, white, and if thin enough, slightly translucent effect.

We also offer unique customised products.  Please contact us for customised & commissioned pieces.


Leather – fresh stains can be cleaned up quickly with a damp cloth. Stains from oil/grease can be lifted by grinding ordinary blackboard chalk and sprinkling it on the stain. Leave this for 24 hours and do not rub it in. Then use a leather care brush to remove the powder. While fresh stains can be treated and cleaned at home, ground-in stains should be attended to by a professional cleaner.

Ceramics – handle with care and clean with gentle soap and water.  The glazed side will wipe very easy.  The unglazed reverse side may need a gently scrub. You can also try a magic eraser on the unglazed side.  Damages or breaks may occur if they are dropped or mistreated or subjected to thermal shock. Stoneware items are dishwasher and microwave-safe, it’s usually advisable to hand-wash porcelain dishes. Despite the hardness of the material, these pieces are often brittle and easy to damage.  Tackle marks and stains by dampening a soft sponge and sprinkling over some baking soda, rubbing the area gently to remove the mark. You can substitute this for toothpaste, but never use a toothbrush or anything too abrasive for porcelain cleaning.  If this doesn’t work, try combining a solution of equal parts salt and vinegar, leaving the solution soaking on the stain for up to an hour.  Then wash as normal.

Gently wipe the metal jewellery findings to remove any tarnishing.

If you would like to visit the studio to look at work for sale and just say ‘Hello’ please drop me a text before you set off; though I am at the studio every day.  We also offer custom events, please see that section of the website for further information or click here.

If you would like any help with your purchases, please do not hesitate to contact us via the options provided.

Happy Shopping.

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