If you have any further questions to the ones below, please drop me a text or give me a call 0439709492. The studio runs classes Tuesday to Saturday and is closed Sunday and Monday. I’m often running the classes or loading the kiln or making glazes so if you drop me a text I will get back to you as soon as I can.

How long will the ‘Clay and Cocktails’ and social ceramics private one off classes take?

They usually last 2 hours but often can take 3 hours. It is fine to stay for 3 hours or longer if need be.

For private one off classes and clay and cocktails what’s the minimum number of people you can book?

It is a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of approx 40. For groups of 5 or less you can book on one of the one off classes here or I can create a new date for 2-5 people that I can list and others may then also book on.

How is payment made?

Payment can either be cash or on card with a 1.8% surcharge card processing fee. So on $60 it is $1.08 and on $85 it is $1.53.

What is included in the one off classes?

On the session, the teaching, facilities, tools and clay is all included in the price and you also receive a drink on arrival then BYO for anymore. After the event the following is included – your work is dried for 2 weeks, then your work is loaded into the kiln and the first bisque firing to 1000 °C for 15-21 hours is completed and then cooled for approx 44 hours, it is then glazed and reloaded in the kiln for a glaze firing to 1200°C for 10-11 hours and then again the kiln has to be cooled over approx 24 hours. Your work is ready to collect approx 5 weeks after your event.

How long are the Hen Parties and what is included?

They usually last for approx 3 hours. Included in the price is the teaching, facilities, tools and clay, and the two bisque and glaze firing after the event, see above for more info on this. Glasses are available to use, BYO for any drinks and platters. I can also provide you with recommended catering companies. We also play a couple of games at the beginning of your event to get you all in the party mood.

How long do you store completed work for?

Please collect this as soon as possible and within a maximum of 4 weeks from your work being ready as it is very hard to find the space to store work that has not been collected and also hard for people to sift through all the work to find their completed piece.

How do I know when my work is ready?

You will be told the procedure at your event. If you have missed the info or are unsure after your event please text Sally on 0439709492.

How long are the kids parties and what do they include?

They are 2 hours and include clay, colours for the kids to paint their creations, firing and glazing of the work all ready to collect approx 5 weeks later. There is use of the cooker and kitchen including plastic plates and cups. We also hold a couple of games and you may also bring either a pass the parcel or piñata. I am also only insured inside the studio premises, not for my kids private play area. So please just note if any kids decide to use that area it is play at your own risk and they are not covered.

What age is suitable for the kids classes and parties?

I say any age; for the parties I’ve had kindergarten age kids and also go up to teenagers and it’s the same for the holiday classes. For the holiday classes you may stay or drop off. I just recommend with very young kids its best to stay with them. You can either sit with them and help if they need it, or you can book yourself a spot as well and make something at the same time.

What is available to use at the venue?

We have a cooker, small amount of fridge and freezer space, plates, glasses, kids plates, wine glasses and tea and coffee all available to use.

Are there any studio rules?

All that we ask is you wash your hands in the water bucket on the trolley to remove any clay. You can then use the sinks as well once any excess clay is removed. This is to stop any clogging. We are also on a septic system so please use the bins provided.

Is there parking at the venue?

Yes there is lots of parking on the property to the side of the studio, please park somewhere on the property not the road, thanks.

Do you have directions to the venue?

Yes please visit this link. For in-depth directions scroll down to the bottom. Please make sure you park somewhere on the property, not the road, thanks.

I’m new to pottery, can you let me know the process?

Patience is a big part of pottery.  All work has to be fully dried out before firing. If there is any moisture left in the clay internally then when it reaches boiling point it would explode! So depending on the thickness and size things have to be dried out and some forms slower than other to stop cracks firing, so this can be a few weeks. The work is then loaded in a kiln and bisque fired to 1000 °C for 15-21 hours and then cooled for approx 44 hours. You will then glaze your work. The next firing is to 1200°C for 10-11 hours and then again the kiln has to be cooled over approx 24 hours.

What is the cancellation policy?

One off Classes

For the one off classes, please try not to book if you think you may not be able to attend or please try and give me a couple of weeks notice so I can either fill the missing spots or re book the private session. You can also pass your ticket onto a friend etc. Like many large business such as Ticketmaster and music concerts they don’t offer refunds for tickets. And due to being a small business and reliant on a weekly income it is really appreciated if you can help not cancelling last minute. Your help with this is really appreciated, thanks.

If classes can’t go ahead due to covid restrictions we will give you a choice of more dates to attend or the option to pick up a pack that includes a cocktail and we can do a live event online or I can create a video for you to do with your friends at a time that is convenient for you.

Any other questions?

Please text Sally on 0439709492, thanks.

Can you recommend any other suppliers?

For any recommended suppliers please view here.

Thank you so much for supporting my little business, Sally.