‘Hazy Tales’ Studio hosts custom Ceramic Corporate Events.  What a cool way to bring colleagues together.  Not only will you have fun getting creative, you will also get something to keep from this special experience.   You can make your creations totally unique with any design and even add your own name or a friends or family name to give as a gift.

A fab mixture of fun and creativeness in a stylish venue with cool tunes!  And not only is it fun; you access your creative self and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  You can also use the space to have a work meeting before or after the pottery.

The studio set amongst gum trees is a stylish light filled venue, with floor to ceiling windows & polished concrete floors.  There is a large studio space along with a seperate lounge area with plush furnishings & neon artwork.  Your company and employees will have exclusive access in the Studio

We are tucked away in Drysdale on the Bellarine Peninsula.  A short 20 minute drive from Geelong & less than 10 minutes from the Portarlington to Melbourne Ferry.

Bring your employees together for a fun filled day team building. Reward them for their hard work and let them relax and get creative.  A great way for colleagues to come together and build on their team spirit.  These are all custom events so we are open to ideas for any extra activities you may want to include in your time spent at the studio. Please contact us to discuss your event in more detail.

There are many different ceramic pieces that your team can create. These can be individual items or a group project.  These are just a few of the options:

  • Painting tiles or plaques.  These can be combined on the wall in your workspace to create a stunning artwork
  • Learn a technique such as pinch pots to make a bowl or cup or coil building.
  • All produce something practical such as a cheeseboard or serving dish.  Use the sgraffito technique or imprinting and textures to create a decorative surface.
  • Clay spheres – learn how to make a hollow ball and paint them to create contemporary art.  These can also be combined to make a sculpture for your workspace.
  • Ceramic wall hanging – make the ceramic shapes to create a stunning art piece for your wall.  Lots of inspiration at the studio or come up with your own design.
  • Make a cute birdhouse for your garden.
  • Create a flower garden sculpture, these are mounted on a metal pole ready to go into your garden.
  • Animal planters or plates –  Make bowls that are also cute little animals.  Great for putting a little succulent plant in or use as a bowl.
  • All create a chess set together for the office space or staff room. This can be a traditional design or a contemporary theme.
  • Handcraft your own bespoke jewellery.
  • We can discuss finer details such as the time you would like to arrive and how long you would like to stay.  Generally two to three hours is a good length of time for the pottery.  You can also use the space beforehand for meetings and team building.

Bespoke package prices start at $85 per person. To book and for more info, please text Sally on 0439709492.

All packages include:

  • Clay for each attendee.
  • The use of the kitchen, fridge, freezer, oven, plates, cup and tea and coffee.
  • The pottery is then stored & dried out fully for approximately 2-3 weeks depending on the project.
  • They are then bisque fired.
  • All work has 2 coats of  clear glaze applied and they are then high temperature kiln fired.
  • Ready to collect in approximately 6 weeks.

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 To   see   images   of   the   studio   where   the   events   will   be   held   click   on   ‘The   Studio’   tab   in   the   information   section   at   the   bottom   of   the   website.
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