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What a cool way to spend your birthday with friends.  Not only will the kids have fun and enjoy getting their hands messy in the clay, they will also get something to keep from this fun experience.   They can make their creations totally unique with any design and even add their own name or a friends or family name to give as a gift.    A fab mixture of fun and creativeness to keep the little ones entertained.  We also play a few games such as limbo and musical statues for a birthday party everyone will be talking about!

The cost is $30 per person. Minimum cost is for 12 people. Maximum number 28.   FOR MORE INFO AND TO BOOK, PLEASE TEXT SALLY ON 0439709492

‘Hazy Tales’ Studio hosts custom ceramic children’s parties with exclusive access.  Set amongst gum trees it is a stylish light filled venue, with floor to ceiling windows & polished concrete floors.  We are tucked away in Drysdale on the Bellarine Peninsula, a short 20 minute drive from Geelong.

The kids will be shown examples as they arrive, they will then be shown how to create a bowl or cup out of clay and turn it into an animal, creature or something decorative. They will then change tables for their party food for approx 20 minutes and then for the next 30 minutes paint the artworks.  We will also do a few party games such as ‘Musical Statues’ and ‘limbo’ and feel free to bring a ‘Pass the Parcel’ or ‘Pinata’. We will then end the party with the birthday cake.  Two hours is the length of time. All pieces that you create on your special day are dried out fully, bisque fired & then glazed & high fired.  Products are usually ready to collect approximately 5 weeks after your event.



“We hosted our son’s birthday party at Hazy Tales! It was awesome. The kids loved the pottery activities and they all ended up with a super cool memento to take home. Highly recommend!”

“Thank you so much Sally for being such a great host recently at my daughter’s 9th birthday party. You were so patient with the kids and explained everything in simple terms so they were able to make their animal pinch pots independently. Although, nothing was too much trouble for you and you didn’t hesitate to help anyone who needed a bit of extra guidance. The studio is such a beautiful space and I’m looking forward to coming back without the kids to enjoy some of your adult classes. Thanks again, I would definitely recommend your parties to anyone looking for something a little bit different”.

“After tossing up a few options for my daugther’s birthday party, Hazy Tales Ceramics made it an easy decision. The moment we stepped into the studio and experienced the friendliness, then saw all the pottery options … the only difficult decision after that was deciding what type of pottery to make!! The studio is fantastic and Sally was very organised. The girls got just the right amount of guidance so that they could really be free to make what they wanted. My daughter and her friends thoroughly enjoyed it. When I asked Miss 11 how she would describe her party herself, she said – * jam packed * there was a wonderful choice of tools * I loved what we actually did and the way we did it * No one’s look like anyone else’s and we all have an amazing end product It was a very free, yet structured party and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Thank you Sally”.

We can discuss any finer details you need. Please arrive a max of 15 minutes before the party.  We have a kitchen with oven, and a freezer with a small amount of space if you would like to bring an icecream cake.   I can also provide telephone numbers for a nearby fish & chip shop / pizza shop / sushi shop.  Cups, and plates are provided for the party. .

We run an eco friendly studio and have invested in solar power.  We provide the plates and dishwasher which you only need fill.   We also have chickens so any left over food can be given to them.  These both help save on landfill.  We use eco friendly soaps, washing liquid & detergent for the dishwasher.  The studio also has a septic tank which pumps and treats water without energy or chemicals.

The cost includes:

  • Clay for each party guest
  • Underglaze paints provided for the kids to paint their work.
  • Access to the studio kitchen area and oven.
  • Use of plates, cups, glasses and tea & coffee.
  • The pottery is then stored & dried out fully for approximately 2 weeks.
  • All work is bisque fired.
  • All the children’s clay work has a clear glaze applied and they are then high temperature kiln fired. Ready to collect approx 4-7 weeks later.

Handcraft amazing keepsakes from this special day with friends & family.  A memorable day with a unique blend & memories to cherish.

To book and for more info text Sally on 0439709492.

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If you are wanting any balloons – Ali from Bellarine Party Shop can create them and deliver to the studio.  www.bellarinepartyshop.com.au Ali – 52532588 


For directions click here and scroll down.

For any further questions you can also look at the ‘questions & answers page’.

You also have the option to use one of our personalised invites.  You can use these to text, email and print out. They are designed to the standard size to order invitations at Vistaprint. The option to have an image included in either design.  Please see the designs to choose from below:



Pottery work is dried out anywhere from a few days for jewellery and decorations to a few weeks for items with thicker areas.  If the work is not fully dried out so it is bone dry then items can explode.

Once fully dried all pieces are loaded into the kiln then bisque fired to 1000 degrees celsius, which takes 21 hours.  After this the kiln has to cool down so that the door can be opened safely without anything exploding due to the thermal shock.  This takes about another 42 hours.

Work is removed and in between other firings these pieces are all glazed individually by hand.  The base to each piece is individually wiped down to ensure no glaze is on the base as this would stick to the kiln shelf and destroy both the work and shelf.   Work is then glaze fired.  This takes 10 hours and then a further 20 hours to cool down so the door can be opened.  Earthenware and stoneware clay has to be fired separately to temperatures of 1200 and 1280 respectively.

Failures in ceramics are inevitable, issues happen, but often the only way to understand this is to experience it!  Even skilled potters run into trouble as there are so many variables when dealing with clay, glazing and firing


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