Hazy Tales Information

Information for weekly classes:

General studio info etc

  • Wash hands in the bucket to stop build up in the drains.

Wheel Class Info

  • For the wheel class you need to bring a towel each week.
  • Clean tools at the end of session and leave on drying rack
  • Clean your wheel – use a bucket of water and square sponge.
  • Water from your slop/water container needs to go in the large white bucket labelled ‘slop buckets empty’. Please make sure no clay or tools or sponges go into this. Any clay needs to go into the big black clay bin. Dried clay from trimming goes into a bucket for dry trimming. Please ensure no tools, sponges etc go into any of these as when I put my hand in, a needle tool for example can go straight through my hand or a tool or sponge can block and break the Pugmill.

Handbuilders Class Info

  • There are boards for white clay and dark and boards to dry clay out.
  • Rolling pins for dark clay are marked with a D and others are for white clay.
  • For the slab roller there is different canvas to roll different coloured clays through.
  • At the end of a session clean tools in the bucket and leave on drainer.