Take Home Kit 2 – Boobie Mug (includes 2 firings & glaze)


Keep yourself entertained with these fun packs to make a ‘Boobie mug’!  You get all your clay, video link, PDF instructions, 2 kiln firings, glaze and glazing included in the price. Other kits on the market don’t include firing and you have to purchase the clear glaze as extra. These are great value as without the cost of 2 firings and glazing the packs would be only $15 for the clay and instructions and video!

Once you have ordered online please text 0439709492 to arrange collection.  OR for deliveries this will be sent out the following day.


Home pottery kit to make a ‘Boobie mug’; you can either pick up the clay from the studio or have it delivered.

Either use these on your own or with your partner or have a group of friends around and make it social. Get one kit or get a few to make a few different pieces.  If you are doing the kits as a larger group of friends you can watch the video beforehand or just use the pdf alone.

For any help please text or call Sally on 0439709492.

Pick up at Hazy Tales Studio, 10-16 Mayall Way (formally 116 Collins Street Drysdale).  Alternatively have it posted.  You will also return it to this location for firing. 

What you will receive:

  1. A pdf of instructions downloadable straight away with this order.
  2. A video of instructions – A private You Tube link will be sent to you with your order, any problems or you can’t find it text Sally – 0439709492.
  3. Help on hand – My number Sally 0439709492 to contact for any help by text or phone.
  4. Clay.
  5. Once your work has dried out full for a couple of weeks each piece is then bisque fired in the kiln for 12 hours to 1000 ℃, cooled for 24hours.  It is then removed and painted with a clear glaze and re-fired in the kiln for another 8 hours to 1080 ℃ and cooled for 20 hours then ready to pick up finished ready for you to use.

What you will also need from your home:

  1. Small bowl of water.
  2. Paintbrushes for the water for attaching (optional you can use your finger).
  3. A fork for scoring.
  4. Wood kitchen spatula to use to paddle the clay. (optional)
  5. Something to merge the clay, possibly the end of a spoon etc.  Can be used to merge clay as well (optional).
  6. T-towel or wood to work on or anything you have that the clay won’t get stuck to.
  7. Optional a bowl or bucket to wash your hands in to throw outside later.