Spreadsheet – Glaze Ingredients & Costing


A glaze ingredients & costing spreadsheet that shows glaze ingredients colour coded by category into: glass former, flux, opacifier, clay or colourant. Alternative names and formulas are also included. A few substitutes are listed, whether they are food safe and a description on each ingredient. Columns for the weight and price of your purchased glaze ingredient are filled in by you and then the final columns automatically calculate the cost of your ingredients for each glaze and total glaze cost and weight.

FREE BONUS – A glaze inventory spreadsheet.

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The files you will receive:

  3. A PDF of instructions for the GLAZE INGREDIENTS SPREADSHEET
  4. A PDF of instructions for the GLAZE INVENTORY
  5. GLAZE INGREDIENTS SPREADSHEET – without the explanation of the ingredient

These files are available for APPLE NUMBERS and PC EXCEL.  The beginning of the file name tells you which is which.  These files are downloadable immediately on completion of your purchase.


  • This includes 37 common and some uncommon ingredients and then a list of stain colours (you can amend these) used in glaze making for stoneware, midfire and earthenware glazes. If there is anything missing that you use and is not included – I am happy to add this to the spreadsheet and add to the correct category etc.  Just contact me.
  • Each ingredient is categorised and colour coded into either: glass former, flux, opacifier, clay or colourant which also includes a brief summary on what each of these does.  Alternative names and formulas are also included. A few substitutes are listed, whether they are food safe and a description on each ingredient.  An extra spreadsheet  file is also included that omits the description of each ingredient

The next yellow columns are ready for you to to fill out:

The cost of your ingredient and the amount you normally buy at this price.  Once you have filled these in they stay here ready to use each time.  The only part you update when you come to use the spreadsheet is the amount you used of each ingredient in each glaze you are inputting. The columns are colour coded so you only have to fill in the yellow section.

  • This will then calculate the cost of each ingredient and then the full cost of the glaze you have made along with its dry weight and cost per 100grams.  You can then use this information in your bonus inventory spreadsheet, see no 2. below. 

There are excel files and apple number files – just to note on the excel files wherever there is a formula this is locked so you can’t accidentally delete or amend.  On the apple pages files it is not possible to do this so please don’t amend these columns.


This is a spreadsheet ready for you to input all the glazes you make.

The information you create in the ‘Glaze Making Spreadsheet’ – the total cost of the glaze, the total dry weight, the cost per gram and per 100 grams of each glaze in dry weight.  These columns are colour co-ordinated and correspond to the other spreadsheet.

Columns you will fill in on this spreadsheet are: your glaze name, a category, the temp, images, SG specific gravity, the amount you have made, cost of glaze total and by per 100 grams, notes, whether its gloss satin, whether its food safe, ratings and links etc.